The city should consider clearing all the lots around City Hall, and all the way down to the corner of Sumpter and Price in efforts to attract office buildings, banks and high-end shopping plazas. There should be another entrance into city hall through Price Blvd. A samll DOWNTOWN NORTH PORT is possible. 

Tax incentives are only “marginally important,” A thriving downtown will sell itself to business prospects.

Streetscaping and facade-improvement projects help make downtowns feel more welcoming. 

Holding regular events and attracting a hotel where visitors can stay within walking distance.

Providing plentiful free parking, build roads to give people a reason to drive through the area.

Marketing downtown as the best place to shop and dine and developing gift certificates that can be used throughout downtown.

Putting together a monthly newsletter to keep people informed about the efforts.

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Cnpneighborhoodservices x, Stan Frank, Grants & Environmental Coordinator almost 4 years ago

Thank you for the excellent comment. From a planning standpoint, it is gratifying for us to know that we are on the same page as the citizens when it comes to “place-making.”

As for the specifics of your comment, North Port Planning staff is very conscious of the wishes for a ‘downtown,’ in whatever form it may be.  Fortunately, this area is part of the Heron Creek Development of Regional Impact (DRI). As part of the overall planning, it has an adopted “Pattern Book” that includes the Mediterranean architectural style and the layout of what is called the ‘Town Center.’

The parcel you describe extends from the roundabout in front of City Hall to Price Boulevard. In the future, it will be bisected by a north-south road called ‘Main Street’ in the Pattern Book. This is the temporary name assigned to this collector road. It will extend from the front of City Hall in the heart of City Center southward through the existing traffic circle near Fire Station #81 through four different land use areas: governmental, office, professional and institutional.

Within these four land use areas, we will encourage the construction of taller buildings close to the street with parallel parking, sidewalks and landscaping. Please note that as part of the DRI process, this governmental site was donated by a developer for these uses, and must remain governmental/public in nature.   

As we cross Price Boulevard into the southeast quadrant of the Price/Sumter intersection, land use transitions to commercial buildings.  Pedestrian/vehicular access will be provided by the continuation of the future ‘Main Street,’ which will parallel Sumter Boulevard in a sweeping arc as it progresses southward.  Here, the City requires that buildings will be located close to Price and Sumter for easy access by pedestrians. However, vehicular access to the individual businesses located within the quadrant will be via small internal roadways, which will calm traffic flow near their main entrances.

The majority of parking will be on the interior of the parcel, not between the buildings and Sumter or Price.  Large parking lots will be discouraged, in favor of smaller, well landscaped parking areas.

Best Regards,
Michele Norton, Planner

Spacecadet x over 3 years ago

I disagree. Why clear cut all those acres just so we can have overpriced knick knack shops and cookie cutter restaraunts. One of the appealing things about North Port is all the beautiful forest.

Scott Bertrand about 3 years ago

A main street is a great idea and very exciting! Keeping my fingers crossed that this goes through!

CNP EconomicDevelopment, Ruth Buchanan, Economic Development Coordinator about 3 years ago

The City Commission adopted the 2013-2018 Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) which contains Strategy 5.1.1: "Explore the concept of a City Center to give residents a sense of place." To view the EDSP copy paste this url to your browser:

Spacecadet x about 2 years ago

Horrible Idea. uggggg No more concrete jungle.

CNP EconomicDevelopment, Ruth Buchanan, Economic Development Coordinator over 1 year ago

Please feel free to answer the ongoing online survey in line with the City's Retail Gap Analysis, here is the link: In addition, there will be public meetings on February 10, 11, and 12. Thank you.