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In addition to Solid Waste services that come to your driveway each week, what if you had a place inside the City of North Port where you could take your own garbage, recycling, yard waste, and more? Currently, the City of North Port's Solid Waste trucks must drive outside the City's limits to a disposal site. On collection days, each City garbage truck travels 48 miles (which takes an average of 66 minutes) and each City recycling truck travels 35 miles (which takes an average of 54 minutes).

A Solid Waste Transfer Station and Environmental Business Park inside the City limits would cut down on travel time, save on gas, and create less maintenance on vehicles. An initial feasibility study shows this could create cost savings for the City of North Port. (Check out the agenda summary, PowerPoint presentation, and video from the June 29, 2012 City Commission workshop.)

The concept of an Environmental Business Park would create an associated commercial center in the same area of the Solid Waste Transfer Station for businesses that promote sustainability and focus on the environmental industry. For instance, a re-use store, a glass recycling business, or other type of business devoted to a green economy. This Environmental Business Park could create an economic incentive to attract these types of businesses to North Port and provide additional jobs.